EzyAgents & Henry Butcher in Collaboration Now

It is a collaboration between Technology and Property!! Technology has been a game changer in all businesses and Real Estate is no exception to it. Usage of mobile apps has increased and will continue to increase, so why not an exclusive app for real estate agents? Those who are professionally engaged in this field and planning to expand their business should, in the first place, understand the market and look out for the latest real estate mobile app tech trends.

Riding on the latest tech trends of digital transformation, EzyAgents Sdn Bhd has launched EzyAgents, a real estate marketing platform to help real estate agents generate more income and reinventing property sales by digitising the sales process at their fingertips. In additional, property developers are able to list their projects within this app which provides them a much wider network and allows their projects to be exposed within the real estate negotiator’s community.

Today, EzyAgents is partnering with Henry Butcher Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a professional service firm in real estate consultancy and marketing for more than 30 years in Malaysia.

This tie-in allows EzyAgents and Henry Butcher to bring a revolution to the real estate industry. This allow us to provide more exclusive projects to all real estate agents with Henry Butcher’s expertise and simplify the process of sales. EzyAgents, being a strong Information Technology (IT) partners, we provide premium experience through technologies for digital booking, real time tracking process, commission status, obtain latest projects information and further assistance during visits to the showroom. Therefore, real estate agents are able to focus on their sales and generate more income.

EzyAgents aim to bring real estate industry to a whole new level by integrating technology with Henry Butcher’s expertise. We welcome all real estate agents and property developers to contact us to find out more about this exciting new partnership that will benefit the entire real estate community!

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